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About Me

Hello, my name is Caere (pronounced 'care'), a design super hero specializing in creating graphics that are related to gaming , specifically eSports.

Over the past 6 years, my secret identities included being a Professional Visual Designer and Creative Manager at several industries including newspapers, news and broadcast, advertising agencies and currently in higher education.

I decided to branch out saving people from evil pixels in eSports as I'm very passionate about art and competitive gaming. With the help of caffeine, good people and hard work - I've been lucky enough to have some work done for big eSports teams such as Team Solomid, Vulcun and Curse.

When I'm not busy being a design super hero, I play A LOT of video games, cook, watch movies and sometimes even compose and sing game parodies.

I play hard and I work harder - which means I value deadlines, agreements and the relationships that I build with my clients. I hope you like what you see on this website, and I hope to be able to get a chance to demonstrate my super design abilities to you in the future!

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Jack of All Trades


Experienced in design, layout, illustration and production for print, TV/broadcast, UI and web.

Professional Master


6+ years of professional experience in the creative field including 1 year of managerial experience.

Fast & Furious


Super Energetic. Works fast, while not sacrificing quality. Delivers “above and beyond” work under tight deadlines.



Creative Abilities


Stream Overlay Design

Experienced in creating creative stream overlays for League of Legends, Dota 2 and always looking to branch out to creating stream overlays for other games. Have pushed boundaries by creating overlays with specific themes.

Digital Proposals

Highly customized, editable and interactive proposals that have gotten client results that they want. Able to assist in organization, flow of information, proofing and copy writing. Can build in Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi.

Tournament Event Graphics

Comprehensive design of all LAN or web tournament graphics. From logo development, advertising and all supporting tournament graphics.

Web Design

Experience in creating sites that best suit your brand and with just the right functionality for the needs of your website. I am fairly well-versed with 'web speak' so I can effectively communicate my needs to a web developer. Also able to assist with content strategy.


Expo/Event Collaterals

From pop-up banners, environmental graphics and swag! Able to design anything and everything to make your event a success.


Merchandise for any style and scale. I've done all kinds of merchandise design to promote my clients or their services. There's practically nothing you cannot come to me with for designing.


Comprehensive Campaigns

From concept to creation. I craft an identity that's effective and stands out from the crowd and is integrated across everything you do. Clear, consistent and uniquely you.

Redesign & Rebranding

Sometimes, it's best to start over. No need to be ashamed in that! Complete re-visualizations and transformation to a more effective and memorable brand.

Technical Abilities



I've been using photoshop since 3.0. Advanced to expert level and always keeping up with latest tricks and trends.



Intermediate to advance level in Illustrator. I utilize this software to create solid typography and logos that are easily transferable to any media.



Advanced to expert level experience. I utilize this program mainly for printed & digital publications, advertising and other multi-page documents.



Knowledgable to be able to communicate needs to a web developer, understand functionalities and able to code basic websites.



Pentacast Productions Rebranding

I joined the Pentacast Productions team as the graphic designer and eventually took up a bigger role by being responsible for all design and direction of all graphics and assets used in all their broadcasts and social media. After my redesign, I was able to create an overarching feel (while keeping the old logo) that was fun, professional and memorable.

Client: Pentacast Productions     Date: Dec 2012 - May 2013

Double Buff Branding

Tasked to re-imagine the Double buff brand in a condensed timeline. Designed logos, t-shirts, website and social media graphics. The new brand debuted during 2013 NA League of Legends LCS Spring promotional series.

Client: Double Buff Date: 05/2013

Dota 2 Tournament Graphics

Designed all online tournament graphics for Dota 2 Tournament held back in June of 2013, as well as additional promotional materials. The event drew in more than 40,000 viewers during its first weekend.

Client: Curse Entertainment       Date: 06/2013

Get in touch

If you need to be saved from evil pixels, please contact me. I'm mostly interested in paid design challenges related to gaming, but will not turn you away if you're in desperate need of design help. Up, up and away!